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Aloha, Nick Husson here. It's pretty reasonable to assume the Hawaiian pizza came from Hawaii, right? What if I told you it was created up in snowy Canada by a Greek immigrant?

The story of the Hawaiian pizza is a great one, and it's a great conversation starter. It begins with Sam Panopoulos, a professional cook from Greece who immigrated to Canada in the mid-1950s. At the time, pizza was pretty rare in Greece, but Sam's boat happened to stop off for a day at Naples en route, and Sam happened to sample the local pizza while he was ashore.

His response was the one we all usually have -- hey, this stuff is great!

Sam ended up opening a restaurant in Ontario called Satellite not long after he arrived in Canada. He started out serving the typical Americanized diner menu that was popular at the time. He never forgot that treat he enjoyed in Naples, however, and he soon noticed that pizza was starting to make its way onto the menus of other Ontario restaurants.

Unfortunately, the pizza that was being served there at the time was pretty dull. Ontario didn't see nearly as much Italian immigration as places like New York and Chicago did, so the recipes were very basic and not so authentic. You could only really get it in plain cheese form or with canned mushrooms and some pepperoni on top, and no one had the specialized pizza ovens needed to make that delightful crust, so they were basically just heating up the dough in regular ovens at far too low of a temperature.

Sam knew from experience that pizza could be so much better than this. But since his experience with it was so brief, he also didn't really know what would make for better toppings. So he just started experimenting with stuff he already had around the restaurant.

He hit upon a lot of ingredients that would actually go on to become classics, like black olives and anchovies. However, his big creation was inspired as the newly-added state of Hawaii began to take hold in the imaginations of Americans and Canadians alike as a tropical island paradise. There was a cultural obsession with Hawaii in the 1960s, and Sam started thinking about ways to create a pizza to capitalize on it.

One side benefit of Hawaii joining the United States was that canned pineapple became commonly available in grocery stores both there and in Canada. So Sam decided to try that on a pizza, apparently adding ham to the mix just because it was inexpensive and readily available. He had already been experimenting with selling Chinese dishes at his restaurant, so he knew the combination of sweet and savory had a lot of potential.

By simply putting some pineapple rings and ham on a pizza, Sam unleashed one of the most controversial food creations ever. While people still argue its merits to this day, it was a big hit with his local customers and was soon adopted by other pizza places in the area, eventually spreading throughout the world.

As you can tell from our menu, we've embraced the sweet and savory with our Husson's Hawaiian Pizza. We know it's not for everyone, but fans of it just can't get enough! Our Hawaiian Sub provides a similar taste explosion, but we've added tomatoes, lettuce and salad dressing to the mix. If you've never tried it, definitely check it off the bucket list ... and if you've tried it elsewhere in the past, we think our version might just change your mind.

Succulent Pizza Trivia That Will Get Your Stomach Rumbling!

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Hi, Nick Husson here.

The first modern-style pizzas popped out of ovens in Naples in the late 1700s, and it didn't take them long to begin traveling the world as migrants from Italy brought the dish to new lands.

Pizza is one of the world's most popular foods, so naturally there's all sorts of interesting history to the dish as it has journeyed and developed across the globe. In today's post I'd like to share some of my favorite pizza trivia with you. These little facts are perfect conversation starters, and a great way to impress guests the next time you drop by Husson's for a pie or call us out to your home!

* What we now call a "pizza" first took shape in Naples around the late 18th century, when the trend of adding tomato sauce and mozzarella to flatbread began. But people have been making flatbreads with toppings similar to pizza all the way back to before written history begins, and the first known use of the word "pizza" to describe a flatbread is actually from the city of Gaeta in 997 AD.

* America's first real pizzeria was a New York grocery store called Lombardi's, which started selling pizzas in 1905. It was available as a street food at least a few years before that, however, as there are references to it in New York and Boston newspapers. It could also be found in these early years in Trenton and New Haven, since many Italian immigrants also settled in those cities.

* The trend of selling pizza by the slice didn't start until the early 1930s. Before that, you had to buy a whole uncut pie from anyone who sold it. A New York shop called Patsy's Pizzeria is thought to have been the first to sell individual slices, and it was so popular that almost every other shop quickly copied it, leading to the creation of the big rolled-up slices that are one of New York's most iconic foods!

* The style of pizza developed in New York dominated until the 1940s, when Chicago pizzerias started selling their own unique "deep dish" style. They used corn oil to make the crust lighter and flakier, and put the tomato sauce over top of the cheese rather than under it. The first pizza of this style was served by Pizzeria Uno, which was an individual restaurant at the time but still exists as a chain (Uno Pizzeria) that's mostly seen in the Chicago and Boston areas.

* The "Hawaiian pizza", with its controversial pineapple topping, was actually invented in Canada in 1962. More recently, the president of Iceland threatened to ban pineapple on pizza in the country! While we understand there are strong feelings on both sides of this topic, Husson's thinks pizza is great in all its forms and supports letting the customer top it the way they want.

* Speaking of controversial toppings, popular pizza toppings really vary widely from country to country. For example, mutton and pickled ginger are popular on pizzas in India. If you get a pizza in Brazil, don't be surprised to see peas and carrots on it. And in Sweden, the local twist on the Hawaiian pizza is to add sliced bananas and curry powder instead of pineapple!

* Chefs still spin pizza dough in their hands because it's the best way to even it out and make sure the crust has the same thickness throughout. It's become a competitive sport, however, the main event of which is the annual World Pizza Champions competition. It's usually held in Las Vegas in March as part of the International Pizza Expo, and teams compete in acrobatic dough tossing, trying to stretch the dough as far as possible without breaking it, and even in how fast they can fold pizza boxes.

So there’s your nifty pizza trivia! It’s always fun to trade facts over a slice. If you’ve got any great pizza tidbits, be sure to leave a comment or just let us know the next time you stop by!

Local Events and Activities: Getting and Giving This Holiday Season

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Hi, Nick Husson here.  

With the holidays quickly approaching our minds are beginning to wander toward getting and giving. Kids are making their Christmas lists. Parents are making their Thanksgiving shopping lists. We think of family, friends, and the goodness of our homes and communities. As we think about our needs and hopes, we also think about the needs and hopes of others in our community. So, our seasonal clocks remind us that it's time to shop, but our hearts also fill with gratitude and a desire to give back. Wouldn't it be great if we could do both? At the same time?  

You can by participating in Charleston's "Give Back Thursdays!" On the first Thursday of every month, participating stores rally with the community by donating 20% of all sales between 5-7 PM to that month's featured charity. It just so happens that the next "Give Back Thursday" is on November 3rd. What a great way to start the holiday season.  Not only do you support a local charity, but you support local businesses that have a heart for the community. Come to the Shops at Bridge Road, get a little holiday shopping done, and give back in the process.  It's a win-win for you and the community. But, can I offer a suggestion to make it a win-win-WIN? 

Add pizza to the occasion.  

Husson's Pizza would love to help get you in right frame of mind as we start the holiday season.

Come early and ask about our group lunches, starting at $5 per person.

If you have questions, contact us. We would love to hear from you!

Hope to see you soon! 

Reward Good Reading Habits With A Pizza Party At Husson's!

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Hi Nick Husson here. With school coming into season again, it's time for your children to start the task of shaking off the summer fun and getting back into studying mode. What better way to reward their hard work than with a pizza party at their favorite local pizza place?

Here at Husson's Pizza, we're big on family and we challenge you to take our "reading reward challenge." Ask your children to read at least one book every week and to give you a description of its plot. No Internet allowed for this challenge! If all of your children succeed in this, take them out for a pizza party at Husson's!

Make sure to pick books that are appropriate for their age. The first-grader can get away with a 25-pager, but your sophomore can handle a 200-page monster. Our reading challenge is a great way of getting your children to engage in their education.When you come in, ask for our "Family Feast" special. This includes a large 18-inch pepperoni pizza (perfect for the kids), as well as 10 bread sticks with sauce, 50 cinnamon bites, a two-liter of a Pepsi product of your choice, and a large ham and cheese salad for anyone who's watching their waist: all that for only $26.99!

If you're thinking something a bit more "low-key," try our medium three-item pizza deal for only $15.99. We have some of the best deals in the city and we're always excited to see families come in with their smart and successful children.

So why not call ahead and set up a private pizza party? It's an event your child will never forget. Hope to see you soon!

The Intriguing History Of Charleston's Capitol Building

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Hi, Nick Husson here. I'm a huge fan of the local area and love learning as much as I can about its history. That's something that many Husson's Pizza fans don't know about me, but there're few things I love more than pizza and intriguing historical facts.

For example, did you know that our capital building in Charleston has a very intriguing history, including multiple fires? Let's take a break from pizza talk for a while and take a look into why our capital building was built three separate times.

The Trouble With Fire

Our first capitol building was built in 1885 but burned to the ground 36 years later in 1921. Although it appears no one was hurt, there was a lot of panic due to the heavy cases of ammunition stored on the top floor!

After being rebuilt, the new capitol building lasted only six years before it burned down again in 1927! The causes of both fires are under heavy debate but the damage had been done.

Unfortunately, it cost around $10 million dollars (during the height of the Great Depression) to finish the third and final capitol building in 1932. Thankfully, this one hasn't burned down yet.

There's More!

At Husson's Pizza, we've delivered to the capitol building and we've always been in awe at how huge it is against Charleston's skyline. It stands an incredible 292 feet high, making it one of the most visually impressive sights in the city. Just how big is it?

Interestingly enough, it's actually taller than our national Capitol building in Washington D.C.! If you're interested in learning more local history like this straight from the horse's mouth, either swing by for pizza and good conversation with me or contact us to make an order.

We're huge on family and the local community and we can teach you more about your area while we cook a pizza you'll never forget. Hope to see you soon!

A Look At Our Delicious Lunch Specials

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Hi Nick Husson here, and I'm excited to discuss some of the latest and greatest meal deals offered to you at Husson's Pizza. We are the area's most trusted and beloved local pizza restaurant, partially because of our delicious special recipes and also because we love to offer you great deals on all your meals.

That's why I'm going to drop a line to remind you of some of our best lunch specials. These are perfect for a midday meal and offer prices that are hard to top.

Five-Inch Sub Meal

Order any five-inch sub and receive chips, and a medium Pepsi for only $5.64! If you are interested in our delicious fries or famous onion rings, feel free to ask! Personally, I love a turkey sub tomatoes, cucumbers, and mustard paired with a Mountain Dew and onion rings.

Upgrade our five-inch sub to a massive 10-incher with chips and a medium Pepsi, all for the low price of $8.69. That's a savings of over three dollars!

Mini Pizza Deal

If you don't have the time or stomach to eat a whole pizza, try our mini pizza deal. For just $4.04, you can get a mini pizza with pepperoni and a medium Pepsi. This is a great "pick-up-and-go" meal deal for when you want pizza, but can't find anyone who wants to split one with you. Upgrade to a 12-inch junior pepperoni and two medium Pepsi for just $10.99.

Don't forget about our $5.99 cheese stix with a medium Pepsi or our calzone with pepperoni and a medium Pepsi for just $6.59. Whatever meal you think sounds the most mouth-watering, don't forget to call us ahead of time to make sure your order is ready before picking it up. Hope to see you soon!

The History of Pizza, in Italy and the US

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Hi, Nick Husson here. Have you ever wondered who invented pizza? How it started? How and when it was introduced to the United States? I believe you will find the following historical facts quite interesting, especially if you are a pizza fan.

  • People have been eating flatbreads with toppings for thousands of years. In fact, archeologists have found examples of such bread that seem to have been baked thousands of years ago.
  • However, it wasn’t until the late 1700s that the tomato part came. Poor people in the Italian city of Naples started adding tomato toppings to their flatbreads, and thus, pizza began.
  • The actual word “pizza” dates back much earlier: It was first documented in the Italian city of Gaeta in 997 AD.
  • Pizza started being baked in the United States in the late 1800s and was mainly eaten by Italian immigrants.
  • The first time the word “pizza” is documented to have been used in print in the US was in 1904, in an article in The Boston Journal.
  • Gennaro Lombardi, an Italian who owned a grocery store in New York City, applied for and received the first license to sell pizza in 1905. He started selling the dish at his grocery that same year. The cost of a pie? 5 cents.
  • For most of the early 1900s, pizza was still only popular with Italian immigrants. It wasn’t until the second world war that it became a widespread dish. US troops in Italy, looking for a quick and wholesome dish, discovered pizza, and took their enthusiasm for it back home.

And that's how the pizza we all love came about. You can contact us to order this awesome dish. Ask about our group lunches, starting at $5 per person. Hope to see you soon!

Got A Sports Party Coming Up? Let Me Cater It With My Excellent Sub And Meatball Specials

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Hi, Nick Husson here. I've been hearing a lot of talk from people in the neighborhood about how expensive it is to cater their sports parties. After all, football season is here (Go Panthers!) and it's time to throw some incredible tailgate parties.

With that in mind, I'd like to remind loyal Husson's Pizza customers about two of our greatest catering deals: the sub-party tray and our hefty meatball tray.

Both of these trays cost a mere $29.99 and are a great investment for any football party. First of all, you got the sub-tray. This beauty has 15 portions of a variety of items including pizza bread, ham and cheese sub, meatball sub, turkey sub, veggie sub, Italian sub, Hawaiian sub, steak sub, BLT sub, mild chicken sub, fiery chicken sub, and grilled chicken sub.

I've found this is perfect for big parties which feature a lot of people with different tastes. However, if you want something a bit more "meaty," our meatball tray is probably your best bet. You get an incredible 50 meatballs in several different sauces, including BBQ, Buffalo, General Tso's, sweet chili, and marinara.

I personally love serving this tray at my own football parties, especially during Cam Newton's incredible 2015 season. Even if the last Super Bowl didn't quite go our way, the food was, at the very least, incredible!

If you're interested in ordering one of these party trays (or know someone who might like one for a gift) please don't hesitate to contact us today. I love to serve my customers the food that I, too, love to eat! 

Ask about our group lunches, starting at $5 per person.


Hope to see you soon!


Experience The Educational Fun Of "Song Of The Wolf" This November

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Hi Nick Husson here. Lately, I've been thinking about fun and educational things that Charleston residents can do to expand their cultural understanding. Bet you didn't know I thought about such things!

Well, I love this area and its residents and I've been researching some fun activities that I think just about anyone will love. One that I don't think you should miss is coming up in the middle of November at the Clay Center for the Arts and Sciences.

What is it? A production of "Song of the Wolf," a re-imagined version of the "Three Little Pigs" that takes on an environmentalist bent. Even if you're not an environmentalist, this is a fun and educational concert that people of all ages can enjoy. It is especially designed to help children learn some important life lessons.

Performances take place from November 15 through the 18 and cost no more than $4 per person. Teachers who bring their class receive lesson plans and interactive CD-ROMS, which can be used to teach a variety of lessons, including how to recognize patterns in music, how orchestras work together to create music, and even geography and economic lessons.

We at Husson's Pizza are big fans of educational methods like this because they engage the child's mind and make learning fun. Family and community comes first with us, and we're always happy to help you learn more about your community.

When you finish, you can swing by and grab some delicious pepperoni pizza or take advantage of one of our lunch specials. 

Ask about our group lunches, starting at $5 per person.

Hope to see you soon!

Excited About National Pizza Month

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Hi Nick Husson here
 I don't know if you already know, but October is National Pizza Month. About ninety-three percent of Americans have pizza at least once a month, but whether you fall into that group or you rarely eat pizza, now is the time to plan how you want to make October special. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to celebrate your love of pizza. 


Try a new pizza. Although it could be fun to try a pizza with an unusual topping, you do not necessarily have to venture too far out of your pizza comfort zone. For example, if you are normally a pepperoni pizza person, try Hawaiian. If you like plain cheese, put some veggies on your pizza.
Host a pizza party at your house. Purchase a variety of pizzas or make it a potluck pizza party with guests bringing their favorite pizza. You can have it be only pizza, or you can include other foods, such as breadsticks, salads, chips, cookies, or other foods.
Make pizza from scratch at home. Look-up a pizza dough recipe and cook your own pizza, using your favorite toppings and putting just the right amount of each topping on your pizza. You can make a large pizza for your whole family or make smaller pizzas for each person. If you do not want to make the dough yourself, make English muffin pizzas or buy the premade pizza crust.
Of course, these are just three examples of things you can do to celebrate National Pizza Month. Celebrate it in your own way. You could make it as simple as eating more pizza than you would normally. If you rarely eat pizza, eat it at least once or twice in October. If you need help with your National Pizza Month celebration, contact us. We have a variety of delicious pizza choices as well as other great food and drink options to go along with your pizza.


Hope to see you soon!