Reward Good Reading Habits With A Pizza Party At Husson's!

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Hi Nick Husson here. With school coming into season again, it's time for your children to start the task of shaking off the summer fun and getting back into studying mode. What better way to reward their hard work than with a pizza party at their favorite local pizza place?

Here at Husson's Pizza, we're big on family and we challenge you to take our "reading reward challenge." Ask your children to read at least one book every week and to give you a description of its plot. No Internet allowed for this challenge! If all of your children succeed in this, take them out for a pizza party at Husson's!

Make sure to pick books that are appropriate for their age. The first-grader can get away with a 25-pager, but your sophomore can handle a 200-page monster. Our reading challenge is a great way of getting your children to engage in their education.When you come in, ask for our "Family Feast" special. This includes a large 18-inch pepperoni pizza (perfect for the kids), as well as 10 bread sticks with sauce, 50 cinnamon bites, a two-liter of a Pepsi product of your choice, and a large ham and cheese salad for anyone who's watching their waist: all that for only $26.99!

If you're thinking something a bit more "low-key," try our medium three-item pizza deal for only $15.99. We have some of the best deals in the city and we're always excited to see families come in with their smart and successful children.

So why not call ahead and set up a private pizza party? It's an event your child will never forget. Hope to see you soon!

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